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Life is a sick cycle carousel...

I'm having the oddest of moments. Currently I feel completely calm, and yet I am beyond tense. I haven't been able to identify what it is. However, to keep my incessant worry down over it I have purposefully put myself into a Sigur Ros haze....

Thus I am Contemplative...Collapse )


" We as a studio have a mandate to bring the next installment in the franchise to the big screen in a timely fashion so that fans can get more of Edward, Bella and all of the characters that Stephenie Meyer has created. We are able to pursue an aggressive time frame as we have the luxury of only adapting the novels into screenplays as opposed to having to create a storyline from scratch"

This is not something a fan nor a film student  wants to hear...*head.desk*

Twilight made a butt load of money, which apparently made Summit weep!! So in an effort to turn the films out as fast as possible.....Catherine Hardwicke is not directing New Moon or Eclipse. This is happening because her film prep time would not allow for New Moon to be released by the end of 2009, early 2010.

Hardwicke has a VERY specific filming style, it is why Twilight feels like an indie film. So what the the rest of the movies going to suck. Ohhhh not only is she not directing, but New Moon and Eclispe are being filmed BACK TO BACK!

I seriously am worried for the franchise now, and hope whomever Summit finds to direct these films is decent....


Dali days...

"Repulsion is the sentry that guards the gates to all that we desire." ~Salvador Dali

This is possibly one of the greatest quotes I have ever found; and if your my friend you know how much of a quote fiend I am.

Finals are this week. French is still kicking my arse, and  I should be studying. Instead I am pretty much spent the day with one of my favorite painters; Salvador Dali. This has been mostly sparked by myself. I have been caught staring at my replica of the Hallucinogenic Toreador (which I'm planning on going to see again when I return to the south for x-mas) that is hanging on my door, and Robert Pattinson. Have you heard he's playing Dali in his new film Little Ashes. The level of my excitement for this film is unreal. The trailer of all frakkin things made me cry (I'm INTJ, I don't cry)! However, the film just looks stunning, and I am in need of good film. The only thing good I have seen recently was Into the Wild. *pouts*

Ugh, I am ignoring studying and this stupid French study guide I have been spending all day to create. I am so freaked out by this exam, and worried beyond measure. I just had to get the worst class of my academic career in the semester I finally figured out that college is not my place in this world. It has made getting through my daily classes hell on Earth. *head.desk*

I just want it to be break already, because I keep staring longingly at all the books that I am going to read with the small reprieve I have from University.

On a happier note, I gave my brother Twilight today, and holy crap he was excited. Hell I was excited watching him. This is my younger brother who refuses to read, and the Twilight Saga was the only thing that he asked for xmas. I SUPER excited about this, for this is the kid who hasn't even read Harry Potter.

Ok, I just needed to rant. I don't think this post had any true merit, but I shall leave my faithful imaginary readers with  this...Collapse ) this...Collapse )

My Twilight Reaction....

Even though many people like to criticize ‘Twilight’ and even now make fun of the movie. I will always continue to love and watch this film.

I can ignore the critics, because I have never agreed with them anyway, and I can take the “He doesn’t have sex” comments. Because I will never forget looking at that movie screen and shaking from excitement. I will remember Charlie and Billy’s faux teen humor, Facinelli’s flawless Carlisle, my surprise that Lautner could act, and even Mike’s diner ass shakes. I will keep talking about when I clutched my bag because the Cullens walked into the cafeteria, and the ’aww’ I let out when Jasper took Alice’s hand.  The fact I could see the contacts could never diminish the way I felt when Edward admitted to not being able to stay away from Bella, and the fact the actors pulled off the absolute love between the characters. I won’t mock Rosalie’s “That’s my monkey man” because I know that is the way the characters would talk to each other, and I will never wonder why Edward hunched his shoulder’s in the hallway because I have never related to a literary character more; and Rpattz played him perfectly.  So yeah say whatever you want for I will take your comments, your attacks, and your mockery. I have come to terms with the fact I am alone in everyone of my opinions these days, but no matter what -- this was my 'Twilight'


…and I will be in line for New Moon in 2010

My love for ficticious men...

For a few years now I have been writing an epic fanfic. Hopefully one day it will be out and about, and ping ponging around the fandom, but till then I alone get to play with one of my original characters. He is a character that was created to die, and he was created to serve a purpose. However, since I created him he has come to mean a great deal to me a man. So much so he gets his own damn fic for the purposes of "what if he survived?"

Today I have decided to write a book, basically so that I can use this character in another realm. My purpose in doing this is to get it published and one day when I sell the film rights I put a stipulation in there that says Peter Facinelli has to play him. Because it has hit me that they look exactly alike, and its seriously messing with me.

Wow...all I can say is WOW! ....that episode was soo quintessentially Supernatural!

So here is my thoughts on the return....Collapse )



A Bohemian September

A bit about my day....
1. I hit a guy on a bike with my car....not my fault! But I was soo scatterbrained afterwards I was late for class, and completely out of it.
2. Ii sliced my ankle open shaving, something I haven't done since I was a wee tot, who didnt know what a razor was!
3. I have just now realised the wonders of Peter Facinelli, and a picspam cost me a late assignment for class. Plus, the fact he looks like the exact physical manifestation of a original character of mine is really messing with my head.
4. Rpattz and his effing expressions, ugh I need to break from Twilight a little bit.

Bohemian September
 fighting back agaisnt all the bad shit in your life. As September is the month of bad news, take action against it and make it your own.

Thats a definition I came up with many years ago, for when all the things bad start to happen in your life. It is never more true than this month, which coinsidentally is September. I really hate this month. School has been a right bitch, and to top off the fact i just moved to this town and have no friends, no firm grip of the town, and no job It has been hell. I may not be able to fix the job thing, because of a French class that is now ruining my life, but i am determined to make something of everything else. I have been having massive issues getting a schedule laid out, since most class work is coming out of nowhere, and again French is putting me behind in everything. I need to find a good middle ground for my life right now.

Today had to have been one of the worst and giggliest days of my life. First i cut my foot shaving, something I haven't done since I was a wee babe and wanted to know what this contraption my mother always used on her legs. Bled like a fucker too, and it stings!
Then I went to class late, because I hit a guy riding a bike....OMG! It was not fun, but it wasnt my fault, the guy wasn't hurt, and I gave him a ride home.

I realised that Peter Facinelli is the physical manifestation of a original character of mine, and I went apeshit with a picspam....frakker he is gorgeous and I'm a tad loony right now. Of course....Facinelli led me into Twilight and Rpattz has be giggling again....British men need to be banned, or locked in my bedroom! Then this leads me back to Facinelli....is he going to have a british accent in the film.....Oh gods help me!

Well in my ever long search to figure things out, I have needed a blog badly. Myspace and Facebook do not cut it, and I need to be a bit more open than my anonymous blog will allow. So I remember my extremely old Livejournal account. I deleted it, and decided to start fresh. I need a place where I can talk about things I have come across and things that I need to get out. I think I just need my voice in cyber-space so that my words aren't just in my head.

I sit at a crossroads in my life right now and so much twiddles through my head on a daily basis. I just want to be able to talk about music I find, movies I hate, tv show discussion, and a place to be who I am. Yes, I realise this opening entry sounds a tad creepy, but I don't really care.

So, hello again Livejournal, lets start this journey.

p.s.- I'll be updating this thing as much as I can, and adding back to my profile.

p.s.s.- I Will also start my posts with lthree things from my day...I find getting random stuff out helps.