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I know its July, but it's really been the first time I've been able to talk about it.

Time flies, years pass, we and everything we hold dear gets older. I just wish I could freeze time, so that those that I hold dear could never leave me. Because death sneaks up upon you unexpectedly. In my life I have held few things dear and those whom I love could be counted on one hand. Sure I love others, but the absolute unconditional love I express for these few things is unparalleled.

My cat was one of them.

I had KC for 15 years. 15 years of an ongoing soap opera that was our owner/pet relationship. Yet I loved him like no other could. People use to say that I was the only person in the world that could love him and I was the only person in the world he could ever love. Because KC was a right bastard of a cat, but he did love me. I could tell every time he laid his eyes on me or heard my voice, because his eyes sparkled.

I knew his moods, how to get him to behave, I had been bitten more times by him than any other animal combined, but when he curled up next to me to go to sleep....I knew his contented meow, I knew that he had never purred, and I knew he had the most bizarre kneading ritual.

If he was outside, all I had to do was call him name and he would come trotting out of the dark to my side. When he was in my room I knew he refused to get on my bed until I was in it. If he wanted attention, no one could stop him from getting in my lap....even if it erased a research paper in the process. If I was in a room he always had to be near me. If I ever bothered him during his kneading ritual, he gave me a warning, if I bothered him again he nipped my ear. It was our bizarre relationship, and yet when his furry ass curled up on my lap I was never more contented. When I moved away this past year, I missed him the most.

He was supposed to come with me to Vancouver, but instead he waited for me to come back to him. He died within the month of my returning to him, and his sickness was unbeknownst to us all. Of all the things to happen to my beautiful boy, was to die of kidney failure. He couldn't eat, and he lost all his weight. I second I noticed I made the decision, because he was to grand of a animal to die a slow death of suffering.

The vet told me he wouldn't have even made it a few more days, so I put beloved baby to sleep at 10:43am on May 27, 2009. I'm just happy I stayed up the whole night before with him, and he and I went through all our normal rituals.

One thing I have always believed is that in our lives we have one animal that is truly ours....we can have many animals, and love them dearly....but there is one that is ours in everyway. That was KC, my beautiful baby boy.

I still hear his contented meow...


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