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Dali days...

"Repulsion is the sentry that guards the gates to all that we desire." ~Salvador Dali

This is possibly one of the greatest quotes I have ever found; and if your my friend you know how much of a quote fiend I am.

Finals are this week. French is still kicking my arse, and  I should be studying. Instead I am pretty much spent the day with one of my favorite painters; Salvador Dali. This has been mostly sparked by myself. I have been caught staring at my replica of the Hallucinogenic Toreador (which I'm planning on going to see again when I return to the south for x-mas) that is hanging on my door, and Robert Pattinson. Have you heard he's playing Dali in his new film Little Ashes. The level of my excitement for this film is unreal. The trailer of all frakkin things made me cry (I'm INTJ, I don't cry)! However, the film just looks stunning, and I am in need of good film. The only thing good I have seen recently was Into the Wild. *pouts*

Ugh, I am ignoring studying and this stupid French study guide I have been spending all day to create. I am so freaked out by this exam, and worried beyond measure. I just had to get the worst class of my academic career in the semester I finally figured out that college is not my place in this world. It has made getting through my daily classes hell on Earth. *head.desk*

I just want it to be break already, because I keep staring longingly at all the books that I am going to read with the small reprieve I have from University.

On a happier note, I gave my brother Twilight today, and holy crap he was excited. Hell I was excited watching him. This is my younger brother who refuses to read, and the Twilight Saga was the only thing that he asked for xmas. I SUPER excited about this, for this is the kid who hasn't even read Harry Potter.

Ok, I just needed to rant. I don't think this post had any true merit, but I shall leave my faithful imaginary readers with         

Female Figure with Head of Flowers - 1937

Possibly my favorite Dali painting. I'm even considering getting it tattooed.

- Dash


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