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Wow...all I can say is WOW! ....that episode was soo quintessentially Supernatural!

So here is my thoughts on the return....

This is about exactly how I reacted as each scene came onto the screen.

- Dean crawling out of his own grave, who was waiting for that to affect him more....or I wonder what it will do later on! Or what fan was desperatly wanting him to pull a Buffy, so that they could coddle and make love to till he was better!....*raises hand* (Can't wait for the fanfic)
- Hello sexy dehydrated Winchester, who still looks sexy even though he can't be snarky!
- Busting Asian babes...."Dean you just effing crawled out of your own grave!"
- Um does Jensen have a Tattoo on his peck.....HOLY FRAK that handprint looked freaky! (edit: Bex reminded me of protection tattoos the boys got/or explained in the Ghostbusters epsiode) 
- OMG's....what is attacking Dean!....then I wasn't that worried...
- Bobby hanging up on Dean, I kept laughing my arse off...
- Bobby attacking Dean, over...and over....and over again! I had a few awws...or two thrown into that scene. Poor Bobby and his new found drinking habit.
- I laughed so effiing hard when he threw holy water in Dean's face. Though right before it, I loved how Dean chose to say "Your the closest thing I've ever had to a father" instead of keep rambling off useless trivia. *an aww moment*
- The STAR WARS references....I LOVED IT
- Puppy being a manwhore.... totally expected it!
- His expression upon seeing Dean....*aww moment*
- I really liked that Padalecki portrayed a Sammy as the hardened, sad, and semi-evil brother. I could feel it coming off him, and was thrilled by it and I actually liked Sam.
- Puppy attacking Dean....I kept wondering the whole time what the girl was thinking...."yeah i just slept with a psycho"
- Bad puppy *spanks* for forgetting her name!
- I really love the moments when the boys fight, they're so powerful, and have so much meaning to the story.
- By this point in the episode I'm in hysterics....Dean has crawled out of the grave and is still as sarcatic as ever.
- "Douche it up" Gods...the Ipod in the Metallicar....I was soo waiting for it to play Alanis Morrisette.
- I wish I could find a good psychic...alas I see them on Supernatural and .....IT BURNED HER EYES OUT....What the frak could burn her eyes out?
- Who wants to bet Castiel is hot!!!
- SEELIX! Whoo I love seeing BSGers...
- Dean is back from the dead and the boys are immediatly lying to each other...such brotherly love!
- Whoa...when did puppy become a Jedi Knight!
- What the frak is burning out people's eyes....Castiel can't be that magnificently hot!
- Ruby! Ok I really miss Kate Cassidy's Ruby. Genevieve Cortese just doesn't seem to be able to project the same sarcasm and energy that Cassidy could, that is Ruby's core.

....I always knew the end of the world would be Hot!....Hello well-dressed man of doom!
.........WTF, an ANGEL!

Damnit, I knew it was coming good vs evil, light vs. Dark! We all know Dean doesn't believe, but Daddy Winchester did become a glowing light and became one with the sky. I think I am just irked by the way Castiel talked. Maybe I just wish they would take a newer spin on how to approach God in tv show. I am not a religious person (but I'll keep most of those views to myself right now)  but please, please don't spout off crap. I want that Angel to be real, and extremely intelligent....ugh I'll save this tangent for later in the season to see how things turn out.

Overral the episode was amazing! I loved that it was soo Supernatural that I giggled like a tween for an hour! Can't wait till Next week....

Wait.....could Dean's mission be to stop Sammy?







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