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A Bohemian September

A bit about my day....
1. I hit a guy on a bike with my car....not my fault! But I was soo scatterbrained afterwards I was late for class, and completely out of it.
2. Ii sliced my ankle open shaving, something I haven't done since I was a wee tot, who didnt know what a razor was!
3. I have just now realised the wonders of Peter Facinelli, and a picspam cost me a late assignment for class. Plus, the fact he looks like the exact physical manifestation of a original character of mine is really messing with my head.
4. Rpattz and his effing expressions, ugh I need to break from Twilight a little bit.

Bohemian September
 fighting back agaisnt all the bad shit in your life. As September is the month of bad news, take action against it and make it your own.

Thats a definition I came up with many years ago, for when all the things bad start to happen in your life. It is never more true than this month, which coinsidentally is September. I really hate this month. School has been a right bitch, and to top off the fact i just moved to this town and have no friends, no firm grip of the town, and no job It has been hell. I may not be able to fix the job thing, because of a French class that is now ruining my life, but i am determined to make something of everything else. I have been having massive issues getting a schedule laid out, since most class work is coming out of nowhere, and again French is putting me behind in everything. I need to find a good middle ground for my life right now.

Today had to have been one of the worst and giggliest days of my life. First i cut my foot shaving, something I haven't done since I was a wee babe and wanted to know what this contraption my mother always used on her legs. Bled like a fucker too, and it stings!
Then I went to class late, because I hit a guy riding a bike....OMG! It was not fun, but it wasnt my fault, the guy wasn't hurt, and I gave him a ride home.

I realised that Peter Facinelli is the physical manifestation of a original character of mine, and I went apeshit with a picspam....frakker he is gorgeous and I'm a tad loony right now. Of course....Facinelli led me into Twilight and Rpattz has be giggling again....British men need to be banned, or locked in my bedroom! Then this leads me back to Facinelli....is he going to have a british accent in the film.....Oh gods help me!



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