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I wish it would end....

The past year has honestly been the hardest year of my life. It sucked every bit of energy out of me and I still do not feel quite recovered. Though in this horrible time I made some really big, life altering decisions that have placed me where I stand today. Almost a year ago I decided I couldn't take continuing the path I had been on for years, though I was just shy of completion, and instead took the harder path down that which I have always wanted to do. I choose to change my major, effectively null and voiding I had been doing for years to become a trained theatre actor.

It has been a really stressful path, and even more things go wrong. However, today I am at my dream school and in my dream program. Yet there is a catch, I just knew nothing would go right. It first started with the financial aid hiccups, and my own issues through orientation. This is supposed to be my end of the road, and the beginning of a new path. I literally have everything I want in my grasp...I had to know it was to good to be true.

Apparently the dept had failed to send me some proper information and at the end of a pretty amazing first day, everything went to hell. I felt clueless, and childish. I am apparently supposed to be auditioning for the the main production or I get kicked out of the program, when I heard this I freaked. I did not know this, I wasn't told this, so I went to speak with a counselor. In the period of our discussion she realized I had slipped through the cracks in the audition process, but not for the show....for the program. So I just had to pick the one damn bachelors program that needed an audition. That's just my luck.

I was told that I had to audition Wed...and I nearly starting crying in her office. Thats just not possible...one day to set up three monologues, especially when I haven't had an audition in YEARS! So I was given till tuesday....the day of the main production audition. Sign ups are Thursday and Friday, but I'll be out of town. So apparently I have till tues, with Dragon*Con in between to prepare four monologues for three different auditions.....and if I screw one up I'm out of the program.

....I don't know how I made it back to my car without collapsing.

My dream is being stripped from me again, because I honestly don't see how I can get prepared in time. If I don't make the program I am no longer allowed to try for the Theatre degree and unless I switch schools AGAIN...I will have to change my major. I don't know what I'm going to do, or how I'm going to handle this.

I just know, no matter how worthless this makes me, if I fail at this.....I'm going missing for a few days, and I don't know where I'll go.

I just wish I could have one thing go right, and not come crashing down on me when I am truly weak to fight back.

Abney Park at D*C

WHOOO, Abney Park is coming to Dragon*Con! I had already reserved myself to them not attending as its about 34 days till and they haven't been added to the list. BUT they just posted it on their myspace and im THRILLED! They're so quintessential to my con experience, even though I sadly missed most of their late night concert last year because I had to catch the MARTA....NOT THIS YEAR, especially with how close my hotel is this time. AHHH I'm so excited, this has just added to what will likely be crazy late night con shenanigans!


This song just makes me happy

I wish this was a big, fat, sick joke!!!!!

Hollywood, I have defended you to the last dregs of your shitty book turned movie schemes. No matter that half are crap, I have defended the finer points of each of those movies and hopefully helped some people semi enjoy that MASSIVE movie ticket charge we all groan at these days.

However, I knew there would come a day when you touched a book that I would despise you for. I understand the fact you studios seem to have absolutely NO new ideas for anything anymore.



I'm sorry but Asimov is a Sci-fi MASTER! Foundation is a brilliant trilogy, but not as a movie trilogy.

ITS UNFILMABLE! ....and EMMERICH are you crazy! All he does is produce heavily CGIed crap!

....and the only way to make a movie that suits the heavily CGied, no plot loving audience today YOU NEED ACTION!

Foundation has no real main character, it covers a thousand years and every two chapter is a new conversation between two people about sociology, psychology, and statistics! The whole book is a BLOODY MIND GAME!

I know its July, but it's really been the first time I've been able to talk about it.

I loved him so much...Collapse )

Well I finally got to see my main draw at the Tallahassee Film Festival.


"How to Be" was frakkin hysterical! I laughed myself into coughing fits and Robert Pattinson and the rest of the cast were just amazing.

I was also privledged to meet most of the cast, the director and the man who did most of the music. They were all a riot and it felt like they had just walked right off the movie. After the Q&A a group of friends and me walked outside to chat, grab pictures and some autographs. Lets just get this out now THEYRE ALL ADORABLY BRITISH. Oliver Irving (Director) was as kind as could be and I had him sign my program (sadly the only person I was able to get sign it). We talked to him about his next film that I really will keep my fingers crossed for, sounded amazing! Then I met Joe Hasting who did all the music for the film. So kind and the easiest to talk to. He and I ended up having a conversation about selling crack to pay off student loans. He kept his composure, I couldn't; so I just nodded my head and tried not to burst out laughing (he's also quite dashing).  The onto the cast members Johnny White and Mike Pearce, who played Ronnie and Nikki repsectively. I didn't get to talk to Mike much, nor a picture, but he was funny. Johnny was just adorable and I grabbed a picture with him and teased him ab0out not smiling, which led to really weird connection to the victorian era....alas all of this just continued my score of having bizarre conversations with people in film industry.



I'll edit in pictures later.

R.I.P. Andy Hallet

You will be dearly missed, and happily remembered!


So tonight I trekked back to my uninhabitable apartment, with a painters mask and tons of antibacterial stuff to watch the BSG finale; as my hotel gets all of like three channels. Most people believed me sitting in a mold infest apartment was insane....

So was sitting for three hours with a mask on worth it....

was freezing my ass off, to keep the windows open for three hours, worth it....

was having possible allergic reactions to the mold worth it....


Though with people having conflicting emotions about the revelations in the finale, and the few plot holes, I thought it was AMAZING! I will talk about it more after I've watched it again. I just need to toss it all around in my head or this post would look like word vomit. But Battlestar Galactica is officially my favorite tv, and will be for years to come. That finale was very satisfying, and yeah the Kara thing still irks me....so she did really die in Maelstrom.....but everything just felt right, and I was at peace with it at the end.

Effing Battlestar!

Even though the writers planned to bring Kara and Lee back together, Michael Trucco's real-life accident apparently resulted in switching Kara over to ultimately ending up with Anders (out of the mouth of Sackhoff).....This is why I hate Michael trucco!

Now I wonder what the writers were really planning for lee and kara and seriously....just because of Truccos accident they can't change something they were building up the whole series.

So this is why we have had soo little lee and kara, but I'm still holding out hope...they have hinted at things the entire time. i think Trucco stuff just made for more intense scenes betweem Starbuck and Anders.....Well I'll keep hoping!

Now back to my real life and a flooded apartment....weee

Islanded in a Stream of Stars

The Kara and Lee scene in the Memory walkway......Read more...Collapse )

My positive two-cents....

Ok, since I have stopped myself from writing some seriously angsty posts lately, I want to do something light hearted; especially since angst will be coming soon. However, I am trying to keep my mind off certain things today, so why not something light.

I have been seeing tons of things like this lately, and so I decided to give my two cent! 


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Top 5 Scenes I Can't wait to see in New MoonCollapse )